Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball and Makeup?

Our summer has been full of evenings at the softball field. At least once a week but some weeks we get lucky and have two evenings! Here is a photo of Brant and Nick in the dugout between our double header!

Brant on First with First base coach at the time Steve.

This is BIG JOE as he is called, he has grown to tolerate the ball field, even enjoy it some nights! But he did enjoy playing with Bradens mitt.

Kasha and Heidi, there was a baby maltese at the ball park - but the dog didnt want to be in the photo.

Here is Parker finding the hazards of the city softball field. He comes homes filthy every time we go. But he has alot of fun.

Here are most the kids, one good thing about the park and play days the kids seem to get along real well and enjoy each other alot.

This is Paydon, isnt he a doll - His blue eyes were just popping this night and what a little charmer he is going to be.

SO during our sunday nap I was awoken to this face.... Yes Mascara and Lip gloss

Im wondering if playing with mostly girls all the time is having an effect on the little "diva" dude LOL... There are days he makes no sense! He sure didnt like me take the makeup off though..... he should count his blessing he doesnt have to have it on every day!


Melanie said...

Too funny about the makeup - it looks like he has a really big black eye!!

Jill said...

Lip gloss! I can't imagine where he would learn about wearing lip gloss!!! Heheh.