Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've decided that my boys became very spoiled the month of July. Since we held off on celebrating Parkers Birthday - we decided to give Parker Nana and Papa Garrison's birthday gift. It was a rough day!!! Braden had a very hard time with it. He didnt understand it wasnt his. He didnt like Parker having the firetruck. Parker really has enjoyed it.

Here we are trying to get braden just to ride his tractor. Parker is wondering if he is going to be knocked off again.

Here we go.. Happy again.

Sharing is good right?

A wonderfully giving family in our church gave, yes GAVE, Braden and parker a coupe car, slide, picnic table and a shopping cart. My boys have been in heaven. Both boys have their own favorite thing to do. Parker loves the back seat and of course Braden thinks he is big stuff sitting in the front.

So as soon as Braden saw I had the pool out with water he wanted to put the slide in it... Shortly after putting this together Parker came along with a stick and poked a hole in the top ring... Parker loves sticks! He walks around chewing on them. It is pointless for me to keep yanking them out of his hands. I guess he is missing some fiber or something! Parker loves to sit on the picnic table.

Saturday we also got the boys two more things. A work bench with a ton of tools and a pit stop car tool cart with a gas pump. I will try and get some photos up of them playing with the new stuff... they've been having a BLAST. I enjoy watching them play together. There are moments where I think I can have ten. Yes- but shortly after that thought someone screams or cries, bites or pushes... ahhhhhhh 2 is okay for now.

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Melanie said...

Wow, I'm impressed you EVER want to have ten kids. Yikes. And what fun toys!! My boys would be in heaven.