Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Profile 3D

I always find humor when I get in the car to see where my belly is going to touch, if I dont exhale I'm pretty good! I didnt figure out my steering wheel will scoot in. So when I got done at the OB's today I had like 2 inches left... Hopefully that will last till delivery. LESS THAN 9 WEEKS!!!!

Did some editing to make it easier to see his outline!....
I think me might have a little combo going... the nose is definitely like Parkers.... and he has pouty lips but wouldnt show them in 3d. I've never had a thumb sucker and he had his hands up the entire time.

I went to the OB's today, go to the specialist on Friday. I wasnt expecting to see baby today, thought it was a routine visit. But imagine my shock that we did a quick ultrasound, and he flipped over to 3d!!!!!

Gosh I love technology.

Baby is weighing 2 lbs which is where he should be. So that was cool. He was nice and calm for Dr. Holmes, probably cause he didnt press hard against him and tick him off.

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May Family said...

He looks like a cutie. I love the steering wheel pic. Oh the joys of pregnancy:)