Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update - Baby/Insulin/Doctors

So final baby garrison got yet another ultrasound today cause he couldnt find the baby with the doppler again lol which is fine i like seeing the baby.
I hear now that I'm high risk lol I'll be seeing alot of this baby.
They increased my insulin to 25n 15r 15r 15r 20n - he thinks he is still low balling it but doesnt want me to bottom out.
Dr. Holmes has a wonderful bed side manner and seems to talk to his nurses alot cause all my conversation I had with the nurse he knew about and addressed each concern.
He tried to relieve some of my stress by giving me a different outlook then I've been taking which is very comforting he would take that extra time to make me feel better.
He spoke to me about this specialist that I will be seeing and talked to me about how we would handle the 32 weeks and beyond part which seems very intense with many visits to him. But I like that he is going to monitor everything and can take the baby if there is any cause of concern.
Ultrasound machine said i was 16 weeks 4 days which means it wont be too long and we will get the big ultrasound.
He asked me today what i thought I was having and I told him.... well, my body sure is reacting differently to this one so I was thinking girl, but everyone I know around me is having girls and I think they are using up all the girl spots LOL, so probably another boy LOL. He chuckled at me. Anyways. Here is a decent ultrasound profile shot. Baby was in deep thought and started moving around during the ultrasound. Always nice to have window into their lil world.

With that I'm gonna head out for a late lunch and a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
Congratulations on your exciting news!! That's great that you're expecting another baby. I hope you can have a girl too- they're great! Sorry to hear about the insulin shots, that must be a hard thing to endure. Hang in there! I hope you've been feeling well otherwise.
So what's new in Ponca? That's pretty exciting to be moving to Bartlesville. We have several people in our ward here from Bartlesville. Small world!
Well, best wishes for a smooth and quick pregnancy!
Sylvia Palmer