Sunday, May 2, 2010

Branson Vacation

Well I guess I'll tell this story in reverse since the darn photos went in opposite order.

So as many know I've been a gestational diabetic with all three of my pregnancy's. Braden I could control it by diet alone, Parker it was with the diabetic pill and now with final baby I've been put on insulin. I'm giving myself 5 shots a day. Plus pricking my finger all the freaking time.
Not enjoying the shots. I just might keep a count down of how many times i get to prick myself again.
We vacationed in Branson MO at the end of April.
We enjoyed the Dixie Stampeed ALOT. The boys loved the horses and the food. Braden loved the soup so much he chugged it (no silverware) and Parker just ate everything he could see and then proceeded to throw up while in the backseat.
Family photo at the Stampeed.
Boys loved the swimming pool. They were so excited. I didnt get to participate I was up in the room sick. The boys of course caught my crap a few days later and we have been miserable together.

This weekend has not been good. Been getting used to the insulin trying to eat all the time, trying to keep the boys semi entertained while they are cranky and not feeling well. Just very overwhelming. Glad the weekend is over. I have two doctors appointments this week. One with Dr. Holmes my OB, and then one with my Diabetic lady. I'm sure they will be upping my dosage of insulin cause my numbers still arent where they want them. But I've been fighting this cold and alot of stress so that isnt helping my numbers one bit.


Brian & Kyla said...

Oh Jill! I hope things get better soon!

Susie said...

Darn it! I was hoping you were feeling wonderful! Hope you had lots of fun in Branson!